Inspections & Control Cards

Solutions for planning inspection work, carrying it out via mobile devices and execution out technical rounds.

Service support

Service support and implementation of a full circulation of service requests along with repair protocols. Cache warehouses and settlement of stocks.

Technical Rounds

Implementation of technical rounds. Planning of inspection routes, recording of questions, measurements and tasks. Execution schedule and reminders.

Projekty & Pracownicy

Monitorowanie realizacji zadań, rejestracja obecności i wykonywanych prac. Efektywne mechanizmy nadzoru nad postępem zadań i czasem pracy.

Progress & Supervision

Monitorowanie realizacji zadań, rejestracja obecności i wykonywanych prac. Efektywne mechanizmy nadzoru nad postępem zadań i czasem pracy.


Free trial period. Check the solution for 14 days in the full version. Then decide which version you choose!


25 €/month

  • No resource limits
  • Notifications
  • Basic app features
  • See solution page for details
  • Online support

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50 €/month

  • Everything in Standard
  • External integrations
  • Extensive application features
  • See solution page for details
  • Help desk support

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  • Everything in Plus
  • Own domain
  • SAML/AD/LDAP authentication
  • Dedicated hardware resources
  • Integrations with corporate systems
  • Implementation and support
  • Helpdesk with a specific SLA

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Mobile Access

5 €/month

  • Mobile access
  • For execution of work

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Annual fees -20%

Purchasing a solution with an annual subscription reduces the price per active user by 20%. Required to specify the maximum number of active users.


Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can always contact us for more information. We are here for you!

Yes, choose a solution from the ones presented above, register, and in a moment, you will be provided with a fully operational environment to work in, along with a 30-minute training. You can use the solution completely free of charge for 14 days and then decide on a further operation

All you need is internet access and a web browser. That’s it! For mobile devices, we provide a free application that allows you to perform all the activities of the solution at the site.

If you decide to use the system after the trial period, the fee is based on the active users in a given month. We divide users into those who manage the system and mobile contractors. If a user has not logged into the system in a given month, they are not included in the billing. That allows flexible adjusting of the fees according to the actual use of the system.

Get in touch with us. We are experienced in implementing our solutions in complex projects. We are there to provide support and ensure full integration of the solutions with corporate systems. Contact us via the contact form or visit the AMAGE Systems solution manufacturer website. We are here for you.

Contact us via the AMAGE Systems all solutions provider page or via the contact form here. We will get in touch and propose a solution that will provide a coherent IT system tailored to your requirements.

Once activated, the applications provide a number of options for the self-configuration of the system. The available help portal includes detailed instructions, tutorials, and video instructions. The app has built-in tutorials explaining the entire interface and individual functions. We are also always available to support our customers through the direct support provided in the app.

Dedicated solution

You expect more? AMAGE Systems provides comprehensive CMMS/EAM class solutions. The inspection and technical rounds module is just one part of such solutions. We offer tailor-made solutions and the expectations of our customers. Contact us for a comprehensive analysis and a solution 100% tailored to your business process.

Customization of the solution

Adapting the solution and selecting additional modules from the AMAGE Systems CMMS/EAM solution package

Extended support

Extended system support and development. Dedicated helpdesk and guaranteed time to solve problems and expectations.

Integrations with IT systems

Integration with the client’s IT systems – ERP, DCS, SCADA systems. Communication with devices through own devices.

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